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things i'd rather be doing right now

Me freediving many years ago in Belize.

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things made of wood

Acoustic bass trap

Microwave built-in to match cabinets

things drawn

Woman With Child

Modern City

St. Nicholas, icon reproduction


things digital

Specificity is the term I use to describe the fit between the UI and a user's task. Over-specificity means offloading processing onto users instead of the intelligence of a system. If we increase the intelligence of a system and more precisely understand real-life use cases, we can reduce the specificity of a UI to improve the user's experience.

Another example: Hit "Call" icon on my phone to redial the last number. Saving the number and accurately inferring my intent to redial it = intelligence of the system. Tapping 1 icon instead of 10 numbers = reduced specificity.

Deep accessibility means providing an equivalent experience, a true translation using different means. Examples include an annotated document, a chart, and driving directions.

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@VladMalik is an interaction designer and musician based in Toronto.
I enjoy breath-hold diving, weight-lifting, and chopping wood. I am vegan.

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